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Awake 夏至之后

3m Experimental 2020

Language:Cantonese with English Subtitles

UK Premiere

Synopsis In an absurd world, there is an insurmountable bridge between people. A girl and a boy are “together”, yet, there is always a barrier between them.

Now they are trying to feel each other, to understand each other, to touch each other. In the end they crossed the bridge and were truly “together”.

Director’s Statement This film expresses my feelings during the whole epidemic period, and this is also a film given to those who have been kidnapped in their flesh, an elegy for the souls that have passed away.


The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival - Short Film Jury Award

Canada Best Short Festival - Best Short Film Nominee

The 3rd Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival


Vic Guan


Vic Guan





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