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Herstory 褶皱

21m Experimental 2021

Language:Mandarin with English Subtitles

UK Premiere

Synopsis In a highly abstract society, fireworks are strictly prohibited, and males are routinely castrated. The protagonist has experienced all kinds of hardships that women in this world have endured: parting, childbirth, deprivation of social rights, grief, and death. The only way to express resistance to this prejudiced and disciplined society is through a desolate kind of struggle.

Director’s Statement Feminism has always been my film motif.

Curators’ Notes What does a woman need to face after her birth? Herstory endeavours to give us an answer. The story transcends time and space as it takes place in a realm of extreme abstraction. The aesthetically rhythmic, melancholic and graceful film creates a character to experience all the hardships and prejudice that a woman experiences in her life: separation, childbirth, unemployment, loss of children, and death. This is a powerful feminist film that echoes current debates related to womanhood and sexuality in which the audience will undoubtedly find relevance.


The 68th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival International Short Film Nomination

2021 Peking University Academy Award


Jiahui Wu





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