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Only You Alone  花这样红

1h 30m Drama 2020

Language:Mandarin, with English subtitles

Synopsis Without parents, suffering from epilepsy, a girl named Li Chi lives a marginal life in a city of northeastern China, living on the meagre income of a part-time job in the cinema. A kind boy breaks into her emotional world and gives her some hope, but leaves because of his mother’s opposition. A little later, her aunt sells the only apartment where she could live. Her epileptic seizures and sense of abandonment push Chi towards the abyss of loneliness. However, her inner desire to one day become a Latin dancer never fades. Will this desperate girl still be able to flourish in a life bathed in light?

Festivals & Awards

2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Fipresci Award


Zhou Zhou


Zhou Zhou


Yang Sun





Bonus Content

Q&A with Zhouzhou, director of Only You Alone

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