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An Excessive Day

26m Drama 2021

Language:Korean, Mandarin with English Subtitles


UK Premiere

Synopsis Seowoo goes to the convenience store where she’s been working part-time to claim a late payment. When she arrives, she discovers that the store has taken on a new worker - a strangely clumsy part-timer.

Director’s Statement I want to console the broken hearts of those living in a foreign land.

Curators’ Notes The self-esteem, embarrassment and shame of one’s mother tongue of the wanderers in a foreign country are all condensed into one afternoon in a small convenience store. Through the precise use of the small space, the struggle of two Chinese girls with their cultural identity and the mutual support between the women is shown.

The feelings of pride and shame that come with speaking one’s mother tongue in a foreign country are central to An Excessive Day. Director Zhao cleverly manages to condense these complex emotions into a single afternoon in one small convenience store. Through the use of the small space, Zhao succinctly dramatises two Chinese girls coming to terms with their cultural identity.

Festivals & Awards

1st Minute International Short Film Festival - Eye Fiction Short Film


Danyang Zhao


Jonghyun Baek


Korean, Mandarin




China, Korea