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Odyssey 2023 officially launched on 26 May. In the following month we will also be organising different panels which reflect on the theme of “Global Sustainability”, with guests from both academia and the industry.


Discussion Panels 2023

Odyssey Panel 4: Youth and the pursuit of success and well-being in urban Mainland China
Odyssey Panel 3: Meet Steven Schwankert, co-creator and presenter of The Six
Odyssey 2023 Panel 2 | Voices from Hong Kong, the making of Thank you. Let’s Dance
Odyssey 2023 Panel 1 | Believe in the future: a new take on sustainable film-making

Discussion Panels 2022

Panel 1丨 TwinFlame: the reception of British cinema among a Chinese audience
Panel 2丨Virtual Production & potential impact on film co-production
Panel 3丨 Women’s practice in the contemporary Chinese film industry: female film programmers on the rise
Panel 4丨Potentials and Obstacles for British cinema showcase in China
Panel 5丨Chinese regional cinemas
Panel 6丨Global sustainability as a storytelling strategy for non-Hollywood films
Panel 7丨Future development of Chinese animation industry and international collaboration
Panel 8丨An investigation into current press coverages of Chinese-language films in the UK
Panel 9丨New business ideas and model for UK-China film collaboration
Panel 10丨New distribution strategies for Chinese films in the UK

Discussion Panels 2021

Chinese Cinema Season Panel 1: International Reception of Chinese-language Films by Post-Millennials
Chinese Cinema Season Panel 2: British East/ Southeast Asian Women in Film and TV
Chinese Cinema Season Panel 3: Tradition and Innovation in Chinese Animation
Chinese Cinema Season Panel 4: An Evening with Lady Tessa Keswick
Chinese Cinema Season Panel 5: Film Data and Policy Between the UK & China
Chinese Cinema Season Panel 6: The Future of Co-production Film Between the UK and China
Chinese Cinema Season Panel 7: Opportunities for Documentary Filmmakers to Enter the Chinese Market
Chinese Cinema Season Panel 8: VR Immersive Experience R&D between the UK and China
Chinese Cinema Season Panel 9: The Future of Hong Kong's Film Industry