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Drifted in Life

1h 18m Drama 2021

Language:Mandarin with English Subtitles


UK Premiere

Synopsis Drifted In Life tells a series of family stories following Grandpa’s accident. Through each family member’s journey, the essence of life is revealed to be solutionless.

Director’s Statement In Drifted In Life, each family member confronts different yet similar predicaments. Tingting enters kindergarten and has to adapt from being an individual to being part of a collective. Distressed by Grandpa’s impending death, Grandma shifts from wanting him to seize life to accepting his natural end. Stuck in a career rut, Keyu grapples with his moral principles and friendships. Siyuan struggles to stay true to his values while embroiled in an emotional liaison. Kebo seeks retaliation for Grandpa’s slip-and-fall, which leads him to being jailed. Ahxi restarts his old business, but it instantly gets shut down.

After Grandpa passed away, the white van riding toward the hospital with the whole family on board merges in with the traffic. They are simply one amongst thousands. In the grand scheme of things, a mountain that falls on a person is merely a particle of dust.


Lianlian Shen


Jiarui Guo