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Hair Tie, Egg, Homework Books

15m Drama 2021

Language: Mandarin, with English subtitles UK Premiere


Synopsis As a model student in her elementary school, 11-year-old Yuqi is assigned to give a speech about her family at the Parent’s Meeting. But after Yuqi finds out that she shares the same secret with a mischievous classmate, she starts to have second thoughts.

Director’s Statement In many ways, the story and its characters draw inspiration from my own childhood experiences. Apart from exploring the silencing effect of violence, the film, at its core, is my attempt at remembering and re-capturing that special moment when quiet thoughts of resistance began to germinate in a child’s mind.

Curators’ Notes The film’s calm and restrained cinematography exposes a child’s trauma from growing up with domestic violence. This heartbreaking story is presented in a highly documentary filmmaking style, paired with deep-focused long takes and natural lighting to create both a realistic and depressing atmosphere.

Festivals & Awards

The 78th Venezia, Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica - Orizzonti Short Films Competition 2021

2021 Fabrique Du Cinéma Awards, Best International Short Film Award


Runxiao Luo


Lu Ka Wang







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Q&A with Director Runxiao Luo