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Kung Fu Dream in the Slum

15m Social Enterprise Film 2023

The Best Storytelling Film Award

Francis grew up in the slums, relying on his mother for support. With a deep fascination for Chinese martial arts films, he faced constant bullying from his classmates in real life. As he grew older, Francis had to struggle to make ends meet, constantly moving from place to place. One fateful day, he saved a drowning child by the river, and his life took a dramatic turn. As a token of gratitude, the school offered him a job opportunity.

At the school, Francis was introduced to karate, igniting his passion for martial arts. He tirelessly trained himself, self-studying Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Chinese martial arts. With his martial arts skills honed, he voluntarily ventured back to the slums to teach self-defense techniques to underprivileged children, hoping to empower them against bullying.

Four years ago, Liu, the founder of the DBSA charity organization, crossed paths with Francis in the slums. The organization aimed to fulfill Francis’s dream and planned to send him to China to further advance his martial arts journey. However, their plans were disrupted by the outbreak of a pandemic, putting everything on hold. Nevertheless, Francis never gave up, remaining steadfast on the path of martial arts.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Francis found alternative ways to train and support himself. Regardless of the hardships he faced, Francis held firm to his belief in pursuing martial arts excellence. Through his own experiences and knowledge, Francis changed the destinies of those children who were once bullied and forgotten.

This film is jointly produced by DB STUDIO and DBSA.

Dream Building Service Association

DBSA organization is an international NGO and volunteer organization founded by Chinese university students in 2014. It focuses on areas such as youth education, child hunger, poverty, and vulnerable groups. In Africa, it has implemented dozens of public welfare projects, serving over tens of thousands of people daily. The projects include school construction, international free lunches, scholarships and grants, talent football matches, art exhibitions, youth training, blockchain public welfare, and more. It has built four schools in Africa, providing daily meals to over 10,000 African children from six countries and supplying sanitary pads to Ugandan high school girls. The organization has won the gold prize in China’s philanthropy competition and has been covered multiple times by Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, and other media outlets. It has established cooperative relationships with the Office of the Deputy President of Kenya and the Ministry of Education of Uganda. In China, it has established long-term partnerships with the Aid Foundation, China Social Welfare Foundation, China Red Cross Foundation, Lions Club, and others.




Kenya, China


Dream Building Service Association