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Love Conquers All

1h 30m Drama, Romance 2006

Language:Malay/Cantonese/Mandarin with English subtitles


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Synopsis Ping has come from the northern city of Penang to Kuala Lumpur to work with her aunt. There she meets John, a young man who keeps trying to approach her. Ping feels increasingly attracted to John, and although she has a boyfriend in Penang she is drawn more and more into his world. Ping loses herself in her love and does all she can to keep John.

Director statement “You have no choice unless you jump out of the car now,” John says in the film. Ping opens the car door and looks out. There is darkness before her and darkness behind her. She closes the car door. It’s too late to jump off anyway.

Curators’ Notes The film’s central themes of love and betrayal are portrayed in a muted minor key by Malaysian Chinese director Chui Mui Tan. Using a subtle, observational approach, Love Conquers All is a masterpiece in minimalism – a rare case of the director having enough faith in the work to let it speak for itself. As the ironies of the title play out under the heavy heat of the city streets, actor Coral Ong Li Whei captures Ping falling apart in real-time: an enigmatic performance at the beating heart of this modern-day tragedy.


Busan International Film Festival-FIPRESCI Prize/New Currents Award


Chui Mui Tan


Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin




Netherlands, Malaysia


CathayPlay International Pte. Ltd.

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