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Mr. Strange

15m Fantasy 2020

Language: English with subtitles UK Premiere


Synposis Little Carrie is a shy and introverted girl whose only friend and mentor is an invented character called Mr. Stranger in her daydreams. To help Carrie overcome her social phobia, they step on a meaningful and fantasy journey about love and friendship. At the end of the journey, Carrie is encouraged to walk out from the bubble and make new friends in the real world. However, the price of growing up (for everyone) is having to say goodbye to our Mr. Stranger, who will soon be left in the forgotten and beautiful dream.

Director’s Statement The fantasy musical short film, Mr. Strange endeavours to use magical means to express the love and companionship of the childhood years. Hopefully, this magical story will encourage you to continue your own fantastic life journey.


2021 International New York Film Festival - Best Picture

2021 International Independent Film Festival - Best Film 


Ling Zhu




United States