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My Village, My Hometown

6m Corporate Film 2023

The Best Sustainable Corporate Culture Film

No Poverty & Rural Development Film Award

Directed by Yu Tao, Zhao Yuyong, Chen Junhua, written:Gu Jianhao, Zhang Qunyan, Gong Yishui, Wu Yibing, produced:Wang Yang, Tao Linmin, Zhang Chen.

Zhejiang Haining Changxiao Village is the national civilized village and the first “zero-carbon village” and “future village” in Zhejiang. But many years ago, Changxiao Village was known far and wide as a pig village. With the deepening of the concept of both gold and silver and clean water and green mountains, the pig industry was gradually phased out. The development of the village is also in the trough, what to do? With the help of the State Grid, the hard-working and intelligent villagers built the country’s first “ photovoltaic+agriculture” greenhouse on the pig farm. The roof was equipped with photovoltaic panels and mushrooms were grown in the shed. The life of Lao Zhu and the villagers soon improved. But a once-in-a-century typhoon has created new problems. Finally, the problem was solved with the help of Song, an employee of State Grid Jiaxing Electric Power Supply Company. With the deepening of zero-carbon construction, the development of the village has stepped into the fast lane, and the environment is more beautiful, life is better, and people are happier. Rural revitalization, electricity first.In the form of shadow puppets for thousands of years, this work tells the story of how farmers in the new era are pioneering and innovative, constantly pursuing their dreams through reform and development, and realizing common prosperity.

Jiaxing Electric Power Supply Company

By the end of 2022, State Grid Zhejiang Power Co., Ltd. has jurisdiction over 11 prefecture-level power supply companies, 20 directly affiliated units and 69 county-level power supply companies. With 110 kV or above power transmission lines 70,000 kilometers, substation capacity 500 million kVA; Three 1000kV substations with a power substation capacity of 18 million kva and three ±800 kV DC converter stations with a converter capacity of 24 million kW have been built. Electricity serves more than 64 million people. State Grid Jiaxing Electric Power Supply Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., LTD., with the construction and operation of power grid as its core business, it is a core enterprise in the energy field of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province.


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Jiaxing Electric Power Supply Company of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co.,