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Pan-Asia-Pacific High-speed Network Development

5m Corporate Film 2023

The Best Sustainable Corporate Culture Film

Innovation and Infrastructure Film Award

The development of the Pan-Asia Pacific high-speed network accelerates the growth of the digital economy and drives the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the development of high-speed networks also escorts Chinese companies to the sea.

About the Director

Chen Rui graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology and graduated from Royal Institute of Technology to switch to film and television industry. I was responsible for video planning in the marketing and brand department of Bytedance, left to become a video producer of ByteDance, completed several commercial videos of Tiktok and Watermelon, and then took charge of video shooting and editing for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Now I live in London, responsible for director, photography and editing.


Creatilogic began life in 2018 as a Start-up with big ambitions. The studio’s mission was to bridge the culture gap between Western and Chinese businesses through film production.




United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore


Creatilogic Culture Media Ltd. (UK)