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Please Do Not Tell Her

6m Drama 2021

Language:Jin Chinese with English Subtitles


Synopsis Huihui, a genius girl whose IQ is only one point below Stephen Hawking’s, has been a hot topic in the public eye for years. But on the day she is admitted to the best university in China, the 9-year-old Huihui disappears.

Director’s Statement When I was in my third year of high school, my sister was born. I used to pick her up from after-school class, where I would hear the parents comparing their children’s grades to kill time. I remember a child wearing blue light glasses and carrying a schoolbag almost as tall as her, somehow racing against the clock. I thought that in only a few years, she will also become a parent, competing with the others while picking up her child. The strange cycle of human education never seems to end, and it’s all in the pursuit of something ambiguous and elusive: something we call talent.


The 15th FIRST International Film Festival Official Selection

Female Feedback Film Festival Official Selection


Yunxia Wang


Haoyue Xue


Jin Chinese