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Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King

1h 45m Animation, Action, Adventure 1979


After three years and six months of pregnancy, the wife of Li Jing, the general of the Chen Tang Pass, gave birth to a ball of flesh. Suddenly a boy jumped out of it in a bright flash. He named the boy Nezha and took him as his disciple, giving him two treasures: the Heavenly Circle and the Armillary. Ne Zha was seven years old when a drought struck the earth and the Dragon King of the East China Sea ordered night forks to raid the seashore for boys and girls. Ne Zha kills the night forks with his Kun Kun ring and kills the Dragon King’s son, Ao Bing, who comes to his aid. The Dragon King went to the Heavenly Palace to complain, but was beaten half to death by Nezha on the way. So the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea invited his three brothers to discuss revenge. The next day, the Dragon King of the Four Seas led his soldiers and generals to flood the Chen Tang Pass, demanding that Li Jing hand over Nezha before he would withdraw his troops. Nezha tried to fight back, but Li Jing stopped him and took away two of Nezha’s magic treasures. Ne Zha, who had been killed by Li Jing, was forced to stand up for the safety of the people and killed himself in anger. Afterwards, Taiyi Zhen Zhen uses a lotus flower and a fresh lotus root as his body to reincarnate Ne Zha. With a fire-tipped spear in his hand and a wheel of wind and fire on his feet, Ne Zha is reincarnated and defeats the Dragon King.


Zhenghui Liang (Nezha)


Shuchen Wang


Jingda Xu


Dingxian Yan


Guimei Liu


Wang Wang






Shanghai Animation Film Studio