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River of Salvation

1h 44m Love; Drama; Family; Crime 2020

UK PREMIERE | Offline Screening


Language:Chinese, with English subtitles


Rong, living in a small town in the south of China, is a pedicure therapist who has never gotten married. She has a brother named Xiaodong, who is 14 years younger. Xiaodong is almost 18 years old, instead of working he plays video games all day long, but after going through a series of life events he finally becomes independent. Seeing this, Rong returned to her hometown in northeast China, and went to the police station, confessing that she killed a person 19 years ago. However, the following development of the matter is going to be out of Rong’s expectations.

Time: 17th May 2022 | Tuesday 19:30

Venue:Picturehouse Finsbury Park, Unit 1 Cinema LS, 17 City N Pl, London N4 3FU

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Qisheng Gao





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Q&A with Director Qisheng Gao