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Snow Kid

20m Animation, Short 1980


Outside the window it is freezing, but the White Rabbit’s house is very warm because of the fire. When the mother rabbit finds that there is only a small radish left to eat, she goes out to look for it. The little white rabbit is worried that he will catch a cold and wants to stay inside by the fire. When the little white rabbit felt lonely at home, his mother came up with the idea of making a snow child to play with him. When the snow child was finished, the mother and son dressed it up and the little white rabbit had a beautiful playmate and stopped crying out to go with his mother to find a turnip. After playing with the Snow Child for a long time, the White Rabbit found that the Snow Child was very cold and invited it into the house to make a fire. Later, when the fire burned down the rabbit’s house, the snow child rushed into the house to save the rabbit. He breaks into the fire to save the rabbit, but turns into water himself. When the sun shines, the water turns into steam and rises into the sky as a cloud in the form of a snow child.


Wenxiao Lin


Hong Ji




Shanghai Animation Film Studio