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The Legend of Sealed Book 4K

1h 40m Animation 1983


Yuangong, the deacon, opened the shrine and exposed the holy book to the human world. He also carved the contents of the book on the stone wall of white cloud cave in the mountains. He is now punished to guard the book for life by the jade emperor for breaking heaven’s law and betraying the holy secret to humans. In order to pass this holy book to human beings, he would have to get by the antagonist fox.

Curators’ Notes How will Yuangong and Dansheng — the little boy born from the egg — retrieve things that have been stolen by the evil spirits when these burglars are scheming for more— the sacred book of all spells? Every culture has its heroes. Like Prometheus, Yuangong was punished and exiled shortly after attempting to betray heaven’s secrets to humankind.

Although The Legend of Sealed Book is based on a novel written in the Ming Dynasty, the film is allegedly the only feature-length animation with an original plot among many Shanghai Animation Film Studio’s classics. This latest HD restoration of the original 1983 film, the third animated feature film in modern China, sparks pure nostalgia across different age groups when it is re-released in theatres.


Qingji Li