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The Unique city of Baijiu

10m Corporate Film 2023

The Best Film Production Award

An old Chinese saying goes: Each place has its own way of supporting its own inhabitants. Honored as the city of Baijiu in China, Luzhou lies the southeast of Sichuan Basin. It enjoys a pleasant climate. The water, land, weather and all the natural condition here shapes the people and culture in Luzhou and give a unique characteristic of Luhzou Baijiu in China

About Luzhou Laojiao

Sichuan province is known as the hometown of unique Chinese hard liquor, Baijiu. Located in southern Sichuan,Luzhou has enjoyed its good reputation of “the city of spirits” since ancient times, with its over thousand-year history of brewing liquor dating back from Qin or Han dynasty. Luzhou Laojiao is a large brewing backbone group that developed from 36 ancient workshops in Ming and Qing dynasties.


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Luzhou Laojiao