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To The Summit

1h 32m Documentary 2021


Xia Boyu is the first man from China who reached the summit of Mount Everest with artificial legs. Xia joined national mountaineering team in 1975, but got shanks frostbite for saving team member in climbing Mount Everest and then had to make limb amputation. Xia persistently focuses on reaching the summit of Mount Everest regardless of amputation and cancer problem. He ultimately fulfills his dream on May 14th, 2018, at the age of 69.

With English Subtitles.

Did you know, Mr Xia was recently in the UK and a new documentary has been made about his new journey!


Boyu Xia (Himself) , Qingfeng Ke (Himself) , Ge Hu (Narrator) , Dengping Xia (Himeself (Son of Boyu Xia))


Junce Ye

Executive Producer

Frant Gwo

Executive Producer

Jing Wu

Executive Producer

Kailuo Liu

Executive Producer

Qingfeng Ke


Ruchang Ye


Mandarin Chinese