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Transforming Our World

2m Corporate Film 2022

The Best Film Production Award

Inspired by a traditional Chinese concept that the universe consists of five basic elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, the film divides the sustainability practices of CCB into five aspects, that is, financial technology, green finance, inclusive finance, services to meet the people’s basic needs, and rural revitalization and then summarizes what has been achieved in these practices as “harmonious coexistence between human and nature”, a concept that has been advocated by the Chinese civilization for thousands of years.

They spend at least four hours underground for one single patrol and maintenance work. To detect potential safety hazards in electrical facilities, they have to work in the dark cable tunnels with only helmet lights on. This is just an example of many electrical workers who work fearlessly and diligently. It is their selfless dedication that ensures the stable and safe operation of the power grid, which has led to the lighting and cooling of thousands of households in the city every day.

About CCB

CCB is a leading large commercial bank in China, headquartered in Beijing and established in 1954, with a market capitalization of approximately USD158,541 million as of the end of 2022, ranking 4th among listed banks all over the world. CCB provides customers with a wide range of comprehensive financial services including corporate finance, personal finance, and capital management. Operating 14,356 branches and hiring 352,588 employees, the Bank serves 739 million personal customers and 9.35 million corporate customers in total. It has subsidiaries in various industries such as fund, leasing, trust, insurance, futures, old-age pension, and investment banking, which employ 24,094 persons. Besides, it has established nearly 200 overseas institutions at various levels in 31 countries and regions worldwide.