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Twilight Zone

39m Documentary 2020

Language:Mandarin with English Subtitles


UK Premiere

Synopsis Congyang is a 20-year-old whose congenital cataracts have rendered her as semi-blind. Committed to her blind boyfriend, Congyang struggles with her need for independence and her parents’ disapproval of the relationship. As she becomes torn between staying in her hometown and starting a new life in a bigger city, Congyang must negotiate the wishes of her parents, new revelations about her boyfriend, and her own personal journey towards self-expression. Will she choose to gamble on love, or will she start a new life - free?

Director’s Statement The documentary records the life of Conyang as she comes to terms with her love life, her family environment, and transformations in her inner world. She is a young woman compelled to make difficult choices, forced into navigating the myriad hardships of life.

Curators’ Notes A shaky camera follows a young woman, Congyang, who has congenital cataracts and has fallen in love with a visually impaired boy. At first, Congyangencounters conflict, arguing with her parents about her romantic relationship. But as Congyang moves from city to city, we see her wandering between the paths life could take her - each one filled with potential and sacrifice alike.

Festivals & Awards highlights

2020 Beijing International Short Film Festival - Best Film

The 4th West Lake Youth Documentary Forum - Best Documentary


Qingxuan Zhong


Qingxuan Zhong


Qiuju Cui