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10 June 2022, Friday | 13:00 – 14:00 BST via Zoom


Ethan Shi, Producer and International Film Relations Negotiator, UK-China Film Collab


Cedric Behrel, Managing Director, Trinity CineAsia

Dr Xiaochun Zhang, Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies, University of Bristol

Panel Description:

The appearanceof China as a modern nation has shaped the concurrent emergence of new cinematic styles. However, with all of that excitement, the visibility of Chinese films is still limited in the UK since the UK audience may only recall older generations of Chinese filmmakers like Zhang Yimou (Raise The Red Lantern) and Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine). Chinese language films rarely appear anywhere other than at film festivals, art-house cinemas, or digitally on demand. Therefore, the fluidity of foreign film distribution has complicated our understanding of international film culture, distribution, and exhibition of modern Chinese films across the UK. Innovative distribution methods might be the key to success, as it determines who gets to watch films, under what circumstances, and where.

Through this panel, Ethan aims to have an open debate with industry specialists from film distributors to academics in the UK specialising in Chinese cinema and international distribution. Distribution strategies, translation, and UK-China film collaborations like co-productions could be referenced, along with discussions about the importance and impact of Chinese film releases on the UK audience.

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