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14 May 2022, Saturday | 08:30 am - 9:30 am BST (15:30-16:30 CN time) via Tencent Meeting & Zoom


Yawen Liu, Producer and International Film Specialist, UK-China Film Collab


Nina Han, Film producer, visiting professor and columnist. Known for Forever Young, One Mile Above (aka kora), Joyful Reunion, etc


Guanglei Jia, DNEG VP, China Business Executive. Known for: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman: Dark Knight, Dunkirk, etc.

Ningti Li, Base VP, General manager of Sunac Culture Virtual Production business. Known for The Mandalorian, The Wandering Earth, Detective Chinatown Vol.2, etc.

Chunlin Mi, Founder of Novartis Vision, a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES). He has been engaged in the post-production of film and television for 20 years.

Panel Description:

Across the global film industry, the development of film technology in the field of virtual production is revolutionising the production process from preview to release. Examples include such as The Lord of the Rings to the hit series The Mandalorian in recent years. The innovations of film technology, on one hand, bring audiences an extraordinary visual experience, but on the other hand, they also impact pre-production, shooting and post-production to varying degrees, especially in Sino-British co-productions. How the production teams of the two countries can unify technical standards during production becomes a key factor in the success of the collaboration. At the same time, in this post-epidemic era, what problems can virtual production solve? How rapidly is Virtual Production expected to get into wide-scale adoption?What problems are encountered in Sino-British virtual production? How can we overcome these problems? These are the questions that need to be urgently addressed.

The panel will discuss the emerging filmmaking workflow of virtual production, and its technical and creative aspects, in the context of a British-Chinese co-production. We have invited four industry guests, they are: Han Xiaoling (film producer), Jia Guanglei (DNEG (London) VP), Li Ningti (Base (Beijing) VP), ChunLin Mi (CEO of NovaFilm). Combining multiple backgrounds, multi-angle and in-depth analysis of the application of virtual production in co-production films, this forum will provide some practical guidance and different perspectives on the application scenarios and impacts of virtual production in co-productions.

*This forum will be conducted in Chinese and will be broadcast live on Simultaneous interpretation will be provided by Dr Hiu Man Chan live on Zoom.

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