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3 June 2022, Friday | 13:00 – 14:00 BST via Zoom


Dr Hiu Man Chan, Founder & Director of UK-China Film Collab


Yutong, 8 years old. She is a student at the University of Cambridge Primary School. She likes writing, coding, running and playing the piano.

Austin, 6 years old, year 1 student. He can communicate in both Chinese and English. Although he is young, he has his own judgment, he knows his own mind. He likes singing, dancing, reading, sharing his ideas and knowledge to others. He is a sweet boy.

Oscar, 8 years old, year 3 student, brother of Austin. He can communicate in Chinese and English. He has varied hobbies, such as reading, playing football, painting, playing the piano and drum. He is a warm and kind boy.

Chenlang, a 7-year-old connoisseur of silly cartoons and MineCraft/Call-of-Duty YouTuber videos, offers his expertise in spotting gems of scintillating ideas from moving pictures. Ted Ed and Kurzgezart are also his favourite channels so you’d better offer a good-laugh-guarantee, preferably as horrible as the Horrible Histories to grab his attention!

Panel Description:

The animation sector in China has been booming for a while, followed by the success of Ne Zha (2019), which grossed over £300 million at the box-office in its domestic market alone. Animation studios around the world are curious about this rising market and have been exploring ways to engage with it. Recent examples of international collaborations include Wish Dragon (2021) and Over the Moon (2021). Both films have gained a relatively good reputation worldwide although did not perform well at the Chinese box-office. On the contrary, Ne Zha did not travel far apart from its domestic success, why is this the case? Animation is considered the most accessible genre for a family oriented audience. What are the potentials for Chinese animation and its international development? What kinds of stories are worth telling and what aesthetics are the best for an international audience to consume?

This panel aims to explore the current and future state of Chinese animation in the international landscape.

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