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Then She Went On Stage

17m Drama 2021

Language:Mandarin with English Subtitles


UK Premiere

Synopsis This is a story about love and courage. Every day after school, Ronan, a junior in class 3, goes to the grocery store to pick up a newspaper with a blue sticky note. As her mother’s life enters a countdown, Ronan can no longer turn a blind eye to her parents’ marriage rift. In her own way, she encourages and convinces her mother to escape for a better life.

Director’s Statement Then She Went On Stage depicts love and affairs from a young girl’s perspective. Not only through her mom and the shopkeeper’s platonic relationship, but also the romantic mother-daughter relationship made me want to write this story.

Curators’ Notes This film is a convincing critique of domestic violence in contemporary China. Through a realistic narrative that shows the conflicts and disputes in an ordinary family life, director Wang delicately portrays the complex and deep bond of kinship. Although marriage may just be a piece of legal paper, the feeling of love cannot be easily restrained. Weaving together a carefully constructed storyline with a compelling ending, Then She Went on Stage tells an engaging story with a strong sense of immersion.


2021 Berlin International Short Film Festival - “Light of the University” Section Selection

2021 Izmir International Short Film Festival - Panorama Section Selection


Yuzhuo Wang


Siyue Wu





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