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War Story

6m Experimental 2020

No dialogue


UK Premiere

Synopsis During World War II, I had no home, no family. Some people offer to buy me as their substitute for military service of KMT. On the battlefield, I hid in the bunkers most of the daytime and shot into the sky from time to time. I spent every second hiding myself to stay alive. At night, I seized every chance to run away. There were several times I actually made it. I continuously re-replaced others as a soldier every time I got back. Hence, I have been a soldier already for six times. I have never shot anyone, nor gotten shot. Until the end of the war, not even one gunshot wound could be found on me physically. This is a story from my grandfather.

Director’s StatementI appropriated a poetic film technique from the German Super 8 filmmaker Helga Fanderl, to shoot a scene that my grandfather told me about his life during wartime. I’ve heard this story hundreds of thousands of times in my childhood. Under the poetic language of the camera, it shows my grandfather relishing his war stories.


Xilin Wang


Yujue Liang


Guan Liang



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