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Q&A with Fei Xie, director of A Girl From Hunan
Q&A with Zhouzhou, director of Only You Alone
Q&A with Ze Liu, director of Being Mortal
Q&A with Yujue Liang, director of War Story & 56-75 Decibel
Q&A with Yiru Chen, director of Handscape
Q&A with Tianyu Ma, director of 200 Cigarettes From Now
Q&A with Runxiao Luo, director of Hair Tie, Egg, Homework Books
Q&A with Qisheng Gao, Director of River of Salvation
Q&A with Lianlian Shen, director of Chang E
Q&A with Lanhua Ma, director of The Honor Among Thieves
Q&A with Haohao Yan, director of The Speech
Q&A with Fengrui Zhang, director of Christmas
Q&A with Dadren Wanggyal, director of Wind