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Between 10th May and 10th June 2022, apart from showcasing more than 60 films to our audience, Odyssey: a Chinese cinema season will also be hosting 10 discussion panels, exploring aspects of UK-China film collaboration and other topics such as regional cinemas and the role of female film programmers in China.

At the current turbulent time, where misunderstandings lead to complex geopolitics and tension, it is the private and the public sector’s responsibility to maintain some sort of conversation and exchange of ideas. Creative collaboration must not stop, nor cultural exchange on a personal level. Last year we achieved a huge success for our cutting edge panels, with more than 500 attendees participating in total. This year we will charge on to bring you another 10 brand new topics.

We hope that these panels will inspire a wider intellectual, creative and commercial discussion around film collaborations between the UK, Greater China and beyond.


Discussion Panels 2022

Panel 1丨 TwinFlame: the reception of British cinema among a Chinese audience
Panel 2丨Virtual Production & potential impact on film co-production
Panel 3丨 Women’s practice in the contemporary Chinese film industry: female film programmers on the rise
Panel 4丨Potentials and Obstacles for British cinema showcase in China
Panel 5丨Chinese regional cinemas
Panel 6丨Global sustainability as a storytelling strategy for non-Hollywood films
Panel 7丨Future development of Chinese animation industry and international collaboration
Panel 8丨An investigation into current press coverages of Chinese-language films in the UK
Panel 9丨New business ideas and model for UK-China film collaboration
Panel 10丨New distribution strategies for Chinese films in the UK