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Odyssey 2023 Sustainable Corporate Culture Film Awards go to 9 Chinese companies
Odyssey 2023 | Triumph of CONTAINED: Recipient of The Jury’s Special Prize
Odyssey 2023 spotlights Hong Kong woman film producer and actress Josie Ho
In Liverpool: GALA screenings at Picturehouse at FACT
Odyssey 2023 and The Prince Charles Cinema announce Stephen Chow in Focus
Odyssey 2023: Call for Entries - Sustainable Corporate Culture Competition Strand
The accomplishments of Michelle Yeoh go above and beyond as the first Asian Oscar Best Actress
The real history behind the Titanic: how much did it take for a Chinese man to survive in the west?
Odyssey 2023: Why do we need “carbon neutral films”?
Odyssey 2023: Liu Jian at Berlin, Hong Ning at Odyssey, a pre-festival programme to connect moving images and global sustainability
Odyssey 2023: Call for Volunteers
Odyssey 2023: Call for Submissions
Odyssey 2023: Theme announced as "Global Sustainability", Riley Wong to be Lead Curator

Odyssey 2023 Highlights

1h 23m Documentary 2021
Rain, Tear and Sweat
15m Animation 2022
Searching for the Coral Paradise
39m Documentary 2021
Dream Home
1h 36m Drama, Horror 2010
The Helper
1h 35m Documentary 2017
Full Strike
1h 48m Drama, Comedy 2003

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