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Odyssey 2023 Opening Sponsor

Hong Kong ETO (London)

City of Honour: Hong Kong


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41 films

Leaving Soon

The Sparring Partner
2h 18m Drama, Crime 2022

Filmmakers in Focus at The Prince Charles Cinema

Stephen Chow in Focus
Josie Ho in Focus

Online Screening: Josie Ho in focus

Full Strike
1h 48m Drama, Comedy 2003
Dream Home
1h 36m Drama, Horror 2010
2h 9m Drama 2004

Online Screening: Journey

The Crossing
1h 39m Crime, Drama 2018
On My Way
30m Drama 2021
Photo Studio on the Corner
12m Fantasy, Drama 2022
Far Away
19m Documentary 2019
10m Documentary, Short 2016
Song of Rice
21m Documentary, short 2022
Forest of Steles Dream
11m Documentary, Short 2022
Wild Rose on the Road
1h 34m Documentary 2022

Online Screening: Equality

The Sparring Partner
2h 18m Drama, Crime 2022
Happily Ever After
30m Drama 2022
The Helper
1h 35m Documentary 2017
Lesser Fullness of Grain
32m Drama 2022
Is There a Pine on the Mountain
39m Documentary, Experimental 2022
The Trail from Xinjiang
36m Documentary 2013
Danzhou Fisherwoman
26m Documentary, Short 2022
He Vanished in 1946
30m Documentary, Student 2022
A Prayer in Spring
24m Student, Short 2021
Touch of Hope
14m Documentary, Short 2021

Online Screening: Urban Development

10m Animation 2018
Rain, Tear and Sweat
15m Animation 2022
The Ravishing Astonishing Great Magician
14m Experimental 2022
Human Nature
11m Documentary, Short 2015
Bathing Aid
23m Drama 2022
8m Documentary, Short 2022

Online Screening: Environment

1h 23m Documentary 2021
Whispers from mountain tops (8 episodes)
50m Documentary 2023
Kula Rivo Life
26m Documentary 2021
Altay Skiing Adventure
28m Documentary 2017
Ode to the Spring
1h 55m Drama 2022

Cinema Partners & Cities

London: The Prince Charles Cinema (27 May - 22 June)
Liverpool: Picturehouse at FACT (2-4 June)
Glasgow: GFT (8 & 11 June)
Cambridge: Arts Picturehouse (12, 13, 13 June)
Bradford: National Science and Media Museum (16 June)

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British Council