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Day is Done

24m Drama 2021

Language: Mandarin, with English subtitles


UK Premiere

Synopsis It’s still the same compound and family. My parents’ eye-tailed posture is a little more wrinkled, and little Ray, who never leaves his nunchucks, has grown up, still reticent. Life in the grandfather’s small courtyard stretches out calmly, and the daily minutiae flow between the family members.

Curators’ Notes The film uses rich and detailed cinematographic language, with an intimate texture. The director is brilliant at using the sound of the off-screen space to tell the story, making the images more extensive. The natural performance of the actors adds an additional surprise to the film, especially Mr Xuejian Li who plays the role of grandfather. This film leaves endless room for the audience’s imagination. Day is Gone is like a cup of green tea, with rich tastes and long after-effects.

Festival & Awards

71st Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear Award Jury Prize for Short Film


Dalei Zhang


Yitian Gao







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