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New Year's Eve

22m Drama 2018

Language: Mandarin, with English subtitles


UK premiere

Synopsis After openly defying his mother by choosing Kung Fu school over college, a 19-year-old comes home for Chinese New Year - only to find that everything has changed.

Director’s Statement A friend of my mother once sarcastically said to her, ‘you’re always looking on the bright side aren’t you, allowing your son to study these artistic majors’. Hearing that made me doubt my decision to pursue film for the first time. Indeed, it seems that as we get older, the word ‘dream’ becomes cheesy - something we can hardly voice out loud anymore. I’m not sure if this is because we end up surrendering to real life, or because our dreams are so vulnerable that we must hide them deep within. 


The 16th Provinziale Filmfest Eberswalde - Short Film Jury Prize

2019 Peak City International Film Festival - Best Foreign Language Film

2019 Student Academy Awards - Semi-Finalist


Hao Zheng


Mil Alcain




United States

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