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Red Bean

10m Sci-Fi 2020

Language: Mandarin, with English subtitles


Synopsis An individual who is suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder and forced to migrate to outer space. There, he misses his mother and homeland. Time after time, the only response to his calling his mother is an endless busy tone. 

Director’s Statement _Red Bean _is a metaphor in Chinese culture. It refers to love for a concern with relatives and old friends. 

The decline of our civilisation is caused by human selfishness, haughtiness and dismissal. If we travel to the future and look back at ourselves, we will realise that we have lost our “true love” and it is too late. The outer space that houses humanity is like purgatory, and the earth is the only shelter for human life. It is better to protect our “home” from now on than to miss our “home”.

Festivals & Awards

The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival Nominee

2021 Festival Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano - Best Short Film

2021 Venice Film Award - Best Sci-Fi

2021 London Climate Change Festival Nominee


Zhikun Wu


Yu Chen


Chen Wu


Guofu Huang





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