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Showcasing the diversity of Chinese aesthetics to British audiences, Odyssey focuses on contemporary Chinese film talent emerging on both the feature and short film scenes. Our short film programme “An Exploration” highlights the different genres, themes, and aesthetics of 21st-century Chinese cinema, ranging from atmospheric shorts to incisive documentaries.



Please Do Not Tell Her 请别告诉她
6m Drama 2021
Paper Airplane 纸飞机
20m Drama 2021
All the Crows in the World 天下乌鸦
14m Drama, Dark Comedy 2021
The Cuckoos 布谷鸟
26m Drama 2021
Hair Tie, Egg, Homework Books 头绳,鸡蛋,作业本
15m Drama 2021
The Speech 黄真真的演讲
25m Drama 2020
Handscape 夏青
19m Drama 2020
The Secret 团线
20m Drama 2019
Marriage on the Border 南方姑娘
36m Drama 2021
Bathhouse Drummer 澡堂鼓手
17m Drama 2019
An Excessive Day 最后一天
26m Drama 2021
A Gentle Night 小城二月
15m Drama 2017
Day is Done 下午过去了一半
24m Drama 2021
200 Cigarettes From Now 夏日美滋滋
45m Drama, Comedy 2020
Together Apart 三尺
52m Drama 2019
Christmas 冬冬的圣诞节
19m Drama 2021
Birth Permit 不可造次
17m Drama 2017
In the Dusk 长河落日
18m Drama 2020
New Year's Eve 小宇
22m Drama 2018


Kid 小孩儿
6m Animation 2021
The Thorn Birds 荆棘鸟
9m Animation 2020
Modern Babel 摩登超市
11m Animation 2019
Spring Fever 春困
7m Animation 2018


Mountain 大山
20m Drama 2021
Double Helix 生命之歌
26m Science Fiction 2021
Mr. Strange 奇怪先生
15m Fantasy 2020
Red Bean 红豆
10m Sci-Fi 2020


The First Grade 一年级
30m Documentary 2021
Twilight Zone 明暗之间
39m Documentary 2020