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To The Summit
1h 32m Documentary 2021
Global Stage on Screen: Principle
1h 45m Drama 2024
Global Stage on Screen: Writing in Water
1h 55m Drama 2023
Global Stage on Screen: Ambiguous
1h 38m Drama 2024
Global Screen on Stage: Sacrifice
1h 25m Drama 2024
Global Stage on Screen: The Diary of Song
2h 5m Drama 2024
The Assassin
Lust, Caution

Opening Film

Hard Love
1h 37m Documentary 2021

Neo Horizon: The Audience Award

Mr. Zhao’s Second-hand Bookstore
8m Documentary 2020
Then She Went On Stage
17m Drama 2021
Summer Swing
21m Drama 2020
Mother Tongue
10m Drama 2019
28m Drama 2021
21m Experimental 2021

An Exploration

Day is Done
24m Drama 2021
200 Cigarettes From Now
45m Drama, Comedy 2020
20m Drama 2021
19m Drama 2021
Please Do Not Tell Her
6m Drama 2021
6m Animation 2021
An Excessive Day
26m Drama 2021
Marriage on the Border
36m Drama 2021
The First Grade
30m Documentary 2021
Double Helix
26m Science Fiction 2021
Paper Airplane
20m Drama 2021
The Cuckoos
26m Drama 2021
19m Drama 2020
The Speech
25m Drama 2020
Twilight Zone
39m Documentary 2020
Red Bean
10m Sci-Fi 2020
The Thorn Birds
9m Animation 2020
In the Dusk
18m Drama 2020
Together Apart
52m Drama 2019
Mr. Strange
15m Fantasy 2020
Bathhouse Drummer
17m Drama 2019
Modern Babel
11m Animation 2019
The Secret
20m Drama 2019
Spring Fever
7m Animation 2018
New Year's Eve
22m Drama 2018
A Gentle Night
15m Drama 2017
Birth Permit
17m Drama 2017
Hair Tie, Egg, Homework Books
15m Drama 2021
All the Crows in the World
14m Drama, Dark Comedy 2021

The Galaxy: Artists' Moving Image

56-75 Decibel
4m Experimental 2021
3m Experimental 2020
War Story
6m Experimental 2020
The Honor Among Thieves
50m Experimental 2019
Catching Light
4m Animation 2016

The Emerging Waves

Lan Yu 4K
1h 26m Drama, Love 2001
River of Salvation
1h 44m Love; Drama; Family; Crime 2020
Being Mortal
1h 37m Drama 2020
The Ark
1h 36m Documentary 2020
Black Tide Coast
1h 39m Drama 2020
The Fourth Wall
1h 36m Drama 2019

Shanghai Animation Film Studio Retro

The Monkey King 4K
1h 54m Animation, Action 1961
Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King
1h 45m Animation, Action 1979
Black Cat Detective
1h 16m Animation 2010
Lotus Lantern
1h 22m Animation 1999
Feelings of Mountains and Waters
17m Animation, Drama 1988
The Cowboy’s Flute
17m Animation, Short 1963
Baby Tadpoles Look for Their Mother
12m Animation, Short 1959
The Story of Mr. Nanguo
18m Animation 1981
Golden Conch
26m Animation 1963
Fishing Child
30m Animation, Short 1959
Snow Kid
20m Animation, Short 1980

Women Through the Lens

1h 37m Drama 2020
Love Conquers All
1h 30m Drama, Romance 2006
Spring Tide
2h 8m Drama 2019
Chang E
1h 22m Feature 2021
One Summer
1h 33m Drama 2015
Only You Alone
1h 30m Drama 2020
A Girl From Hunan
1h 50m Drama 1984

Surprise Film

The Legend of Sealed Book 4K
1h 40m Animation 1983

Chinese Regional Cinema

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains
2h 34m Drama 2019
Wisdom Tooth
1h 44m Drama 2019
Drifted in Life
1h 18m Drama 2021
Great Happiness
2h 39m Drama 2020

Discussion Panels 2022

Panel 1丨 TwinFlame: the reception of British cinema among a Chinese audience
Panel 2丨Virtual Production & potential impact on film co-production
Panel 3丨 Women’s practice in the contemporary Chinese film industry: female film programmers on the rise
Panel 4丨Potentials and Obstacles for British cinema showcase in China
Panel 5丨Chinese regional cinemas
Panel 6丨Global sustainability as a storytelling strategy for non-Hollywood films
Panel 7丨Future development of Chinese animation industry and international collaboration
Panel 8丨An investigation into current press coverages of Chinese-language films in the UK
Panel 9丨New business ideas and model for UK-China film collaboration
Panel 10丨New distribution strategies for Chinese films in the UK